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For more information on Lara’s League please visit Here you can find additional information on how the funds raised will help in the fight against cancer.

Good question! A save is any shot stopped that would have gone in if the goalie wasn’t in the net. Another way to say it is any shot stopped within the pipes. If a goalie makes a glove save above or wide of the pipes that isn’t a save (although it may have looked pretty!)

It’s a good idea to assign an adult to count the saves. It could be the goalie parent or your volunteer stats person. All goalie parents know the shot clock doesn’t usually accurately reflect the saves in the game so it’s good to assign an adult to count.

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You sure can! Simply click the “Make a Flat Donation” button and make your donation in the amount you choose. This donation will not be subject to change based on the save total for your goalie.

Absolutely! You can click the “Make a Flat Donation” button and donate whatever additional amount you would like to make.

Yes, your donation is tax deductible according to both current U.S. and Canadian tax law. You will be emailed a receipt for either U.S. tax or Canadian tax purposes.

October Saves is a fundraiser run by Lara’s League. Lara’s League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and its Federal Tax ID number is 45-3533525.  In order to meet Canadian tax laws, all Canadian donations will stay within Canada and run through CHEO’s charitable foundation.  All Canadian donations will go to CHEO.

No problem! Contact and we can adjust your amount.

Registration begins September 1. Goalies should track their saves from October 1 – October 31. Pledges and donations will be tracked during the month of October. All donations should be collected by November 10th to qualify for event rewards and prizes.

Prizes and rewards will be announced November 11th based on money collected by midnight November 10th. Money can still be collected after this date, but November 10th is the final date to be eligible to win prizes.

We have so many fantastic opportunities to win rewards and prizes it requires an entire page on this website! Click the PRIZES button at the top left of the homepage to see all the awesome items you can win!

Rewards and prizes will be awarded based on actual donations received by November 10th. On November 11th, we will tabulate the winners and award our top fundraising goalies. All prizes will be mailed to the goalies after November 10th.

Money raised benefits Lara’s League, a 501 (c)(3) organization that raises money to support cancer research. October Saves money specifically benefits research for both women’s and pediatric cancers including the Lara’s League Women’s Cancer Research Fund at the Inova Schar Cancer Institute, Life with Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, CHEO, and Stand Up 2 Cancer. Money also helps fund The October Saves Scholarship with The Goalie Guild.

Matching gift forms from the donor’s employer should be sent to:

The October Saves Goalie Challenge
Attn: Matching Gifts
19718 Willowdale Place
Ashburn, VA 20147

Once a matching gift form is received it will be processed within 72 hours. Once confirmation of the original gift is made, the form is mailed immediately to the company making the matching gift. Matching gift amounts will be credited to your account only when the check has been received. Corporate checks can be written to Lara’s League or The October Saves Goalie Challenge.

If you have NO games in October, you can count saves during practices. You will be eligible for fundraising milestone prizes but not the prizes for the top three fundraisers. Please enter your practices in the games section on your participant page as practice #1, practice #2, etc…


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