Tool Kit

MARKETING FLYER: To help promote this event to your club and donors, feel free to email, post or hand out these flyers. As more people become aware of your efforts, more and more people will sign up to participate and donate money.

PINK BRICK WALL: Download and print this 3′ X 5′ pink brick wall banner to hang on the wall in your ice rink or skating facility. We suggest you hang the banner in a prominent location in the lobby so your goalies and their families and team mates can see it. This helps to promote the event and inspire goalies to make lots of saves and raise lots of money!

GOALIE HELMET NAME TEMPLATE: Also download this goalie helmet name template. You can write or print your goalies’ names on the paper helmets. Feel free to have fun with this! Add your club logo or let your goalies decorate their own helmet. Some clubs laminate the helmets to make sure they stay in good condition for the month. You can move the paper goalie helmets up the wall as your goalies fundraising dollars increase. For example, if a goalie has raised $50 in pledges after the first week of the event you will move their helmet to the $50 milestone on the banner.

FUNDRAISING IDEAS: Don’t forget clubs and goalies will be competing for great fundraising awards and prizes! Not to mention bragging rights to see which club can raise the most money! Feel free to fire your club up by holding an October Saves night at the rink on a practice night. In the past, clubs have held bake sales or silent auctions at the rink to help boost their fundraising. Wrap your goalie sticks with pink stick tape. Send out those emails to friends and family letting them know about the event. Have some fun with it!

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