Registration Begins September 15th

Vincent Shrader

Frederick Freeze

Why I participate ?

I like to participate in October saves because I want to raise money for cancer. Making saves in games is a fun way to raise money for it. I also like the competition to see who can raise money for cancer with my goalie friends. Thank you for your support. -Vinny

  • Game Tally:

  • Vs Atlanta Madhatters, 25 Saves

  • Vs NYC cyclones , 14 Saves

  • Vs NYC Skylinners, 20 Saves

  • Vs Little Flyers, 8 Saves

  • Vs Little Flyers, 5 Saves

  • Vs St. James, 35 Saves

  • Vs Lynchburg game 1, 34 Saves

  • Vs Lynchburg game 2, 32 Saves

  • Vs Richmond , 22 Saves

  • Vs Reston Raiders, 25 Saves

  • Vs Ion, 30 Saves

For 2021, goalies will be counting ALL SAVES during the month of October. Please consult with your goalie regarding their estimated saves.

This is a flat donation and will not be subject to change based on the save total for the goalie.