Registration Begins September 15th

Dillon Clancy

Why I participate ?

I have always been interested in participating in this event. I continue to support Breast Cancer Awareness even after October ends. It will be something that I continue to support forever. It is a very important cause and deserves more support and recognition. I wear pink on my equipment, and some clothing as a way to just show that I support the cause. Whenever I get questions about why I wear something pink, it gives me a chance to spread awareness for a very serious cause. I believe everyone should get involved in showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness no matter how they decide to do so. Even the smallest of support can go a long way.

  • Game Tally:

  • Game v Jersey Hitmen, 31 Saves

  • Game v Jersey Whalers , 9 Saves

  • Game vs Aviators, 27 Saves

  • Game vs Hitmen 10/3, 39 Saves

  • Game vs Bruins, 41 Saves

  • Game vs Bandits, 19 Saves

For 2021, goalies will be counting ALL SAVES during the month of October. Please consult with your goalie regarding their estimated saves.

This is a flat donation and will not be subject to change based on the save total for the goalie.