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Dion McGee

Brantford 99ers MD Major Atom u11

  • Game Tally:

  • in practice the boys had a scrimmage game, 22 Saves

  • at practice and got a call to go play with a friend and wall ball in the last couple of days , 193 Saves

  • Mr.D had a couple of scrimmage games, 73 Saves

  • At practice , 25 Saves

  • Tonight at practice , 28 Saves

  • Hand ball, 152 Saves

  • Mr.D had a great night tonight seen some old friends had a practice then a scrimmage game only 1 in on 23 shots , 63 Saves

  • Another big practice tonight , 37 Saves

  • 3 more scrimmage games and a couple more playing soccer hockey with the timbits that he helps, 92 Saves

  • Last 4 days practice, scrimmage games and my Dad shot pucks , 92 Saves

For 2020, goalies will be counting ALL SAVES during the month of October. Please consult with your goalie regarding their estimated saves.

This is a flat donation and will not be subject to change based on the save total for the goalie.